Who I am

My name is Cristiana Manara.

I have been working for more than 20 years in Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness Consultancy, facilitating change and development for organizations and people.

For 14 years, until February 2018, I was a Partner at The European House Ambrosetti SPA with the role of Head of Change practice, leading complex projects about change management, talent assessment & development, leadership training, executive & team coaching.

I am now an independent consultant, working with my own company cm-consulting (cm-consulting.eu) in People & Organizational Development as a Facilitator, Trainer and Individual & Team Coach, designing & delivering projects mainly in English, Italian and French, together with a network of trusted colleagues in EMEA.

Professional affiliation

I am a Leadership Solutions Associate for Center For Creative Leadership, CCL.org/EMEA, ranked among best 5 Worldwide Leadership Schools.

With such role, I design and deliver customized leadership training projects in EMEA and I facilitate open enrollment seminars in the Bruxelles branch, such as worldwide best known CCL flagship Maximizing Leadership Potential Program.

Educational Background

I have a Degree in Foreign Languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish) and a Master in Counselling and I am a Certified Master Trainer in Systemic Neurolinguistic Programming and an International Coaching Federation certified professional coach.

I am also certified in many diagnostic tools and personality questionnaires such as Hogan personalities questionnaires, CCL 360, FIRO & FIRO B, Workplace Big Five, SHL OPQ Personality Questionnaire and others.