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Change Management

Change and Communication have always been my main areas of interest.

I studied languages and theatre…
I acted…
I certified in Systemic NLP and Coaching…
I train and coach people for development and empowerment….

My background is now mainly the systemic approach and of course this leads to read organizations and cultures and facilitate change.

Consultancy projects for organizational and cultural change usually need to touch a critical mass of people within the company. I worked mainly for financial institutions, insurance, pharma, fashion, luxury, fast moving consumer goods, industrial,engineering, ICT and Energy companies in moments of change.

Any project is designed together with the client to address specific needs and match the specific organizational culture, moment of business and challenges.

Training & Development

Development implies assessment, motivation and commitment in order to be successful and meet goals.

I train managers and professionals on various development needs, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Effective communication
  • Networking ability
  • Leading change
  • Learning agility
  • Selling skills
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Decision making
  • Coaching abilities
  • Teamwork abilities

I suggest behavioural training consistent with:

  • Business and role challenges
  • Company Leadership competences model
  • Specific development needs defined with diagnostics/360

I design training relying upon:

  • Analysis done together with the client (interviews, focus groups, diagnostics, 360…)
  • Sound know how and continuous updating, sourcing from best world wide research
  • Customized and specific design

I assess training results at various level:

  • Feedback
  • Behavioural change (360)
  • Impact on results (performance)

I design and deliver projects as an independent consultant or together with trusted colleagues or trusted leadership solutions associates from Center for Creative Leadership EMEA community,

Coaching & Empowerment

Coaching is today a worldwide recognized effective development and empowerment process.

Typical steps of coaching go essentially through:

  • Building trust and a partnership relation with the coachee or the group (in case of team or group coaching)
  • Defining key leadership/business/role challenges
  • Exploring current situation/boundaries
  • Raising awareness (questions / diagnostics /mirroring) about strengths/development areas
  • Exploring possibilities and resources
  • Exploring beliefs and getting insights and change (in beliefs and therefore in self perception and in behaviours)
  • Building concrete, measurable, timed action plans
  • Setting KPI’s and test for success
  • Implementing action plans with accountability
  • Following up and consolidating learning
  • Aligning with boss/HR
  • Coaching promotes empowerment, facilitating the whole expression of potentials for individuals and teams.

Typically, coaching is set in 6/12 live meeting of 2 hours (or up to 4/8 hours for team or group coaching) sometimes interlaced with 1 hour skype meeting, focused on specific goals, maybe with some shadow coaching (observation of job meeting and activities in order to collect information and trigger open discussion and learning).

Keynote & Public Speaking

Before being a consultant, I was an actress (until 1996).

I started studying at a drama school when I was 7 and I became a professional actress in 1993 after studying at Torino Teatro Stabile with world best renown art and stage director Luca Ronconi.

I acted in 4 languages and trained on stage children, adolescents and adults.

Therefore, when I became a consultant, a trainer and a coach, I’ve always kept communication and public speaking alive.

I give keynote speech on various theme and for various purposes, often in connection with cultural change, motivational events or projects kick off.

I often train people, individually and in group, on public speaking, in various languages and for various challenges.